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Back pain is among the most common physical issues that people in the Westerville, OH and the Columbus area have today. Dr. Dennis Puskarich, D.C., at InTouch Chiropractic offers medication-free and surgery-free solutions for back pain that can help people get moving without pain again.

Back Pain Q & A

Is Back Pain a Common Issue?

Back pain is quite common today. In fact, up to 80 percent of Americans have back pain or have experienced it in the past. While it is extremely common, it does not mean that back pain can be ignored. Back pain does not tend to resolve on its own. It may even grow much worse over time until it finally causes the patient to be incapacitated or to have a greatly reduced quality of life.

What Prompts Back Pain?

Back pain may result from many different things. In most situations, back pain results from injury, trauma, or disease. Auto accidents are very common causes of back pain, and workplace accidents may be another common cause. Diseases that damage the joints, for example, arthritis, can cause serious back pain. Some people are born with diseases that cause back pain, such as spondylolisthesis, spina bifida, and idiopathic scoliosis. In some cases, back pain may be the end result of obesity or of years of bad posture.

How Will the Chiropractor Evaluate Back Pain?

Evaluation of back pain will start with a consultation, during which the chiropractor and the patient can discuss the pain in detail. This gives the chiropractor a good starting place for the hands-on examination that comes next. The examination will give the chiropractor the information needed to form an effective treatment plan. In some situations, X-ray or MRI images may be needed to get a more accurate analysis of the issue.

How Will the Chiropractor Approach Back Pain Treatment?

The chiropractic care provider will focus on giving the patient pain relief as soon as possible. This means identifying the source of the back pain and making a hands-on correction right there at the source. When the spine is properly aligned, back pain is typically reduced dramatically. A properly aligned spine will also help prevent the same issues from occurring again in the future.


Most Insurances Accepted. We also accept Personal Injury/Car accident claims and Work Injuries- OHIO BWC Certified.


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    "Dr. Dennis has helped me through work injury and pain and the care I have received has been life changing."

    Ashley O.
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    "I absolutely love this place!!! Dr. Dennis helped me feel a 1000 times better and my allergies have diminished dramatically."

    Amanda B.
  • Working in a commercial kitchen most of my adult life, I have spent a lot of time standing on concrete, working at a prep table for hours on end. I have suffered from bot

    Jeff M.
  • I feel so much better after getting the treatment from Dr. Dennis. I highly recommend him to everyone.

    Obaid K.
  • Dr. D has worked on me and my whole family. He has helped with migraines, back problems, knee issues, and arm pain. I can not say enough how much he has helped me or my f

    Melissa D.
  • I have believed and experienced the benefits of chiropractic care since I was 18 years old. Over the many years I have seen several chiropractors for acute conditions, bu

    Lisa M.
  • After cracking my neck like an idiot for five years, I went a little too far and was in serious pain. Dr. Dennis was able to help stabilize me, improve my flexibility, an

    Jordan F.
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